How to Quickly Loop Pins without SmartLoop [Tailwind Hacks]

how to loop pins without smartloop

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Tailwind SmartLoop is definitely worth using. I love that it comes with free loops- however, to loop more you have to pay more. So instead, I’d like to show you how to loop pins without SmartLoop using Tailwind.

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Why loop your pins?

Lots of people pin a pin to Pinterest and then send it to Tailwind with no plan. But making sure that pin is looped so that it is going out to the correct boards gives your pin a better chance at being seen in Pinterest’s algorithm.

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My video will show you how to semi-loop tailwind for the pins that are not in your Tailwind SmartLoop. You’re using resources that Tailwind already gives you without paying for more loops.

how to loop your pins without smartloop

How to loop pins without using SmartLoop

Watch the video below to see how to loop pins without SmartLoop:

Step One: Create Board Lists

  1. Sign into tailwind.
  2. On the left side click on Publisher.
  3. Click on Board Lists

Step Two: Click to Add a List

  1. Name that List a Category
  2. Number the List. For example: Recipes 1

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Step Three: Add all of your boards

  1. Add all of your boards (your personal and group boards)

Step Four: Create another list to offset your list

  1. Create a second board with the same category and name it with another number in order. For example: Recipes 2
  2. Start listing your boards in order again SKIPPING the first board and adding it last so that the boards are offset.

Step Five: Continue Creating these board lists

You want to create four or five of these lists for each of your categories.

Step Six: Schedule your Pins

You can grab pins from Pinterest using the Tailwind extension or from your Drafts in the Tailwind dashboard.

  1. Select a pin and add a board list to it for your queue.
  2. Select interval ( I schedule mine usually in 1-day intervals)
  3. Then schedule the pin
  4. For the next pin in that category, you would select the next number in your board lists. So if you pinned the first pin to Recipes 1 you would pin the second pin to Recipes 2 so that you’re not pinning to the same board each day.

Voila! You’re done!

Once these lists are made you can update them when you add new boards but otherwise, it’s quick and simple from this point on when you are scheduling pins!

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You can loop pins without SmartLoop using my method so that ALL of your pins have a fighting chance! Make sure to check out my video and other blogging resources! And sign up below to get a free Pinterest tips Trello board!

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loop pins without smartloop

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