How to Track your Monthly Stats in Trello


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This post is going to show you how to track your monthly stats in Trello.

Don’t know what Trello is? It’s a free tool that you can use for your entire life- personal and business.

It’s important to track your stats so that you can see your progress in your blog.

Want a word of advice? Compare yourself to your previous month-not to others! Their circumstances are different than yours, and as long as you keep pushing and keep on with your journey you’ll make progress!

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This video will show you how to track your monthly stats

In this video you’ll learn how to track:

  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • Page Views
  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Pinterest Reach
  • Facebook
  • Facebook group
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Google +
  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Similar Web Tracking (similarweb)
  • Alexa Ranking (alexa)
  • Income per subscriber

This is the third video in my blog organization video series

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Not all the videos will be about Trello, I want you to organize every aspect of your blog so make sure to stay tuned because I have some awesome content coming!

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If you’d like to take your organization to the next level:

You can grab my course!

Manual Pinning Organization in Trello


This video will show you how to organize and track your monthly stats using Trello. Make sure to use it every month so you can see the progress you’re making on your blog journey!!

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Trello Blog Processes Blueprint Main graphic

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