Full Review of the Genius Bloggers Toolkit September 2020

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You’re here because you want to know if the Genius Bloggers Toolkit is worth the money. I get it, as a blogger we want to spend our money on the best resources we can. I’m here to tell you, it’s worth every penny. Not to mention, it’s 97% off the full price if you were to buy these separately! This is my Genius Bloggers Toolkit Review of the ENTIRE bundle.


PLUS: If you buy the kit through my link I have a special Bonus for you! Scroll down to see it!


I’m doing one review a day of a product inside the Genius Blogger’s toolkit until the kit goes on sale on September 21st!

See additional reviews below and the complete list of what’s inside!

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is LIVE!

Here are some quick details:

Available January 20-21 2021

  • Price: $97
  • Value: $7484.88
  • Contents: 53 eCourses, 15 eBooks, 11 templates and 7 workbooks & printables
  • Bonuses: $1506.97
The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

My FULL Review of the Genius Bloggers Toolkit

I think this is the best bundle I have ever seen. I don’t think I’ve seen any other bundle that has packed so many high-value courses into it!

I’ve been going through the bundle for a few weeks now, taking lots of the courses so that I could review them for you but man oh man have I learned some things!

Now I have to admit, I’ve seen some blogging bundles out there (not by Ultimate Bundles) that just had a lot of fluff in them. You pay a lot of money and get barely any value from them.

That’s not the case with GBTK.

I bought my first GBTK back in spring of 2018, and I use the courses in it all the time for my blogging journey. Because they curate courses to fit every aspect of your blog. Same with the GBTK that came out last fall, that I got to be a contributor for! This time around is no different.

I love that each time they come out with a new bundle it’s all new courses. And there are always amazing bonuses!

Make sure to scroll down to see MY BONUS that you can grab if you get this bundle through my links!

Want to see which courses YOU should take in the Genius Blogger's Toolkit based on where you are in your blogging journey?

I made a map in Trello!

I took all the courses/products in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and fit them into lists based on where you’re at in your blogging journey.
There’s a list of courses/products I believe everyone should take no matter where they’re at in their journey and then the rest are a guide based on your level of blogging and if you want to focus on a certain blogging subject.
Trello Map

*button will take you straight to the Trello board, no opt-in required.

My Favorite Courses and Products in the Bundle

I’ve reviewed a lot of the courses in the bundle and I’m just going to list my favorites here. You can scroll down to see their full reviews. All of my full reviews will be marked with this ➡️ arrow.

  • VIP AFFILIATE SUPERSTAR TOOLKIT by Leanne Scott (worth $85)
  • Create Your Digital Product Launch Plan by Kayleigh Hannon (worth $297)
  • The Hot List by Krista Dickson (value $397) (this is a FULL email course)
  • Plan Your Money Making Webinar to Make Sales Over & Over Again by Kerry Beck (worth $97.00)
  • Canva Easy Design Pin Templates by Faith Lee (worth $47)
  • Truly Evergreen Newsletters by Victoria Pruett (worth $147)
  • Write Better, Right Now by Abigail King (worth $300) (full copywriting course)
  • Digital Product Blueprint by Brianna Berner (worth $247)
  • The Image Lab CORE by Pamela Wilson (worth $395) (full image design course)
  • Holiday Spike by Emma Quay (worth $75)
  • Undated Weekly Planner Template: Commercial Use by Becky Beach (worth $37) (that’s right a planner you can sell to your audience…)

Those are my top top favorites in the bundle. But man oh man there are so many more amazing ones!

And would you look at how much those courses are worth? The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is only $97. And it inlcudes all those PLUS MORE. You serioiusly can’t get better value anywhere.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

Ok let’s take a deep dive into the bundle 👇

⭐ Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

GBTK Full Product Review #1 Sept. 14th 2020

➡️ VIP AFFILIATE SUPERSTAR TOOLKIT by Leanne Scott (worth $85)

I am SUPER impressed by this course. And you can get it inside the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit this year!

Leanne has packed this course with so many resources!

Here’s a breakdown of the course:

  • She teaches you how to structure affiliate blog posts
    • And then gives you templates for the different kinds of affiliate posts! 😲
      • Affiliate product reviews
      • Affiliate product posts
      • Affiliate product tutorials
      • Affiliate product comparisons
      • Affiliate product interviews
    • She teaches you how to email affiliate companies and then also gives templates!!
      • 3 different email templates
    • Also comes with an affiliate article checklist
    • Comes with email checklist for timed affiliate launches (like when your affiliate has a product launch and the cart closes)
    • AND it comes with a 75 page Affiliate planner!

Like I said, I am super impressed with this course and it is a valuable resource for anyone who does affiliate marketing or who wants to start!

I didn’t even know this product existed and I printed out these checklists to use for my future affiliate posts and to update some old ones!

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

⭐ Content Creation

content creation

GBTK Full Product Review #8

➡️Batching Masterclass: Creating Systems in Your Business by Cara Harvey (worth $37)


This course is about planning your work in Trello!

She teaches you how to use time blocks and brainstorming in Trello!

This course will help you learn how to get your ideas out, make a plan and save time!

GBTK Full Product Review #9

➡️ Write Better, Right Now by Abigail King (worth $300)


There is SO MUCH content in this course, it is worth every single penny of $300 and you can get it inside the bundle for basically pennies when you pay $97 for the whole bundle.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the course:

  • So many writing tips- this course will make you a better writer
  • She covers everything you need to know about writing and not just for blog posts, you can use thses skills to write books and so much more
  • Includes writing interviews, pitches and call to actions!

GBTK Full Product Review #10

➡️ Truly Evergreen Newsletters by Victoria Pruett (worth $147)

I have been WAITING for a course like this!

This course teaches you how to create a year’s worth of emails including seasonal content on autopilot!

And she doesn’t just show you how to do this with her email service provider (ESP), there is a module for ALL major ESPs!!

  • First, she tells you how to create your newsletters
  • Then she takes you step by step through the set up for each ESP
  • Also includes a Facebook Group!
The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

⭐ Creating and Selling Products

GBTK Full Product Review #2 Sept. 15th 2020

➡️ Create Your Digital Product Launch Plan by Kayleigh Hannon (worth $297) ðŸ‘ˆðŸ¼ yeah you read that price right!

I have gone through the whole course and wow! It is pretty awesome, in fact I’m going to use it for my next launch! And I have taken other launch courses… I love this one!

I have been teaching you guys about business plans, planning a product, funnels, etc in my Facebook Group and THIS COURSE….will help you launch whatever you create!

I even learned some tips that I can apply elsewhere in my business!

Ok here’s the breakdown:

➡️ Comes with a workbook download that helps you brainstorm your launch. You’ll fill it out as you watch the lessons. It’s also digitally editable so you don’t even have to print it!

➡️ Has 4 video lessons that break down the beginning to the end of your launch in bite size pieces and covers everything from pre launch to cart close!

➡️ There are 3 bonuses but I’m most excited that it comes with….A TRELLO TEMPLATE! You all know that makes my heart happy! Other bonuses are an Asana template and a video showing how to set up your schedule in Asana which can also be applied to Trello.

There aren’t many bullet points because I cannot give the course away, but if you trust me- this course is legit.

She takes you from learning how to build hype about your product all the way to making it irresistible to buy!

I’m super impressed.

And uhm The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit as you know is usually around $97 and so you’re getting triple the value with just this one course…but guys…there’s so many more. SO many good ones!

GBTK Full Product Review #11

➡️ Digital Product Blueprint by Brianna Berner (worth $247)


If you need to create a digital product this course has absolutely everything you need.

Here is a quick run down of what’s included:

  • Goes over types of digital products
  • Comes with 82 page workbook
  • 23 page Journal + Planner
  • Levels of Digital Products
  • How to figure out what to sell
  • Market Research
  • How to Stand out
  • Mapping out your product
  • Naming your product
  • Marketing your product

This course literally takes you from beginning to end and if you pair it with the Create your Digital Product Launch Plan (review right above this one) how could you not be successful?

GBTK Full Product Review #12

➡️ Undated Weekly Planner Template: Commercial Use by Becky Beach (worth $37)


Commercial use for an UNDATED planner that you can sell to your audience!
It’s beautiful and comes in 3 different sizes!

  • 6×9
  • 8×10
  • 8.5×11
The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

⭐ Email Marketing

email marketing

GBTK Full Product Review #3 Sept. 16th 2020

➡️ The Hot List by Krista Dickson (value $397)

This is a full blown email marketing course. And there is literally so much inside that if I reviewed the whole thing you’d be reading for a while so I’m going to try and highlight what I think is amazing about the course.

This course is the literal definition of going above and beyond on a topic.

➡️ Ok first thing you get when you open the course are FIFTY opt-in templates. Available for Canva and Photoshop. 50. And they are beautiful, and customizable and make it super easy to create opt-ins for your blog!

➡️ There are 7 super in depth modules, and almost every lesson comes with a printable plan, roadmap, swipe file, template, prompts, tracker….just so many things to help you be successful.

➡️ She teaches you how to create a tripwire product. 🤯 AND gives you a sales page template.

➡️ She starts the course by helping you identify your avatar in a unique way which is applicable to your entire business (and of course comes with a workbook)

➡️ Here are some super quick highlights

  • There’s a brand voice workbook
  • a Welcome Series Template AND swipe file
  • How to write newsletters, types of newsletters, newsletter ideas, newsletter prompts printable
  • Crafting subject lines + printable
  • How to plan content quickly + content planner printable
  • Launch strategy module
  • Launch email guide and swipe file
  • Sales funnels +swipe file + funnel tracker

➡️ AND THEN there’s a tech vault full of tutorials like building a landing page in leadpages AND convertkit, creating a fillable PDF and many more.

➡️ She also shows you how to make sure people are opting into your list, including a small social media strategy, fixing up your site and promoting on Pinterest.

➡️ OH and one more thing, I logged in this morning and saw that it comes with TWO courses. The second one is called Pageviews from Pinterest and it’s a 7 module course. (I haven’t reveiwed it because I literally just noticed it this morning but WOW!)

I would literally buy GBTK just for this course. But honestly guys, there is so much value in this year’s GBTK that I’m kind of upset with myself that I didn’t put a product in this year haha!

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

⭐ Getting Started

getting started

GBTK Full Product Review #13

➡️ 100 Ways To Make Money Blogging by Chelsea Clarke (worth $97)


This course is broken down into 4 areas of where to make money and each area is broken down into lots of money-making ideas!

1: Making Money on Your Website
2: Making Money on Social Media
3: Making Money on Other Social Media
4: Making Money with Your Products & Services

These are not in-depth tutorials she doesn’t take you step by step but she DOES give so many ideas that it would be impossible to not find a way to make money.

⭐ Graphics & Design

graphic design

GBTK Full Product Review #7 Sept. 20th 2020

➡️ Canva Easy Design Pin Templates by Faith Lee (worth $47)


I don’t even use Canva but you bet your buttons I’ll use it for this!

This is a course, it’s not just free pin templates let’s go over what you’ll get:

✔️ 50 Canva Templates

✔️ She shows you how to use the templates

✔️ 2 modules on how to use her templates to make multiple pins FAST two different ways

I love pin templates. Kind of obsessed actually.

Anything that makes my life easier and let’s me get a task done faster I’m all for it.

I added these to my Canva and scrolled through them and they pass the wow check lol!

GBTK Full Product Review #14

➡️ The Image Lab CORE by Pamela Wilson (worth $395)


FULL image design course!
You can use:

  • Canva
  • Stencil
  • Snappa
  • Photoshop
  • PicMonkey

Shows you how to:

  • Understand the intention of images before you create them
  • You can download an intention decision tree
  • Master Colors, Textures, Fonts and filters
  • 7 Design laws for beautiful images
  • 5 More Design laws for excellence
  • How to batch your process
The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

⭐ Legal


GBTK Full Product Review #5 Sept. 18th 2020

➡️ Sponsored Posts Contract Template by Amira Irfan (worth $100)

When I saw this in the bundle I immediately highlighted it and told myself that I needed to download it. But then I thought, why not share this one?

It may be looked over in the scope of all the goodies in the bundle but this is one of those essential needs that will come up in your business so I’m sharing it today.

Ok so for those who are unfamiliar, a sponsored post is when you get paid to talk about a product or brand on your blog.

So basically a full blog post about something a company is paying you for.

This is an income stream that if you don’t already have on your blog, you’ll most likely want to in the future. And that’s why I say keep this one in your back pocket! Some bloggers make $10k a month with sponsored content like Michelle from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s overview the template:

  • Quick PDF download that is super easy to fill in & highlights the parts that you need to change to your specific needs/business
  • Comes with 3 bonuses including a disclaimer for sponsored posts
  • Gives contact info for questions PLUS has a Facebook community

When you make that decision to add sponsored content, you’re going to need a contract to send brands. And Amira has you covered.



I haven’t gotten to dig into any of the mindset courses yet but I cannot wait to see what’s inside The Intentional Influencer: Make an Impact as a Christian in Business and/or Ministry by Rachael Gilbert (worth $97)

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

⭐ Networking & Growth

networking and growth

⭐ Podcasting and Video

podcasting and video

GBTK Full Product Review #6 Sept. 19th 2020

➡️ Plan Your Money Making Webinar to Make Sales Over & Over Again by Kerry Beck (worth $97.00)

I’ve gotten a few questions about webinars and now I finally can say I’ve been through a good course and would recommend one!

This webinar course covers everything you need to know to create a webinar and make consistent sales in the background of your business.

In my GBTK REVIEW #2 I reviewed a Digital Product Launch course and this one pairs PERFECT with it!

Let’s get to my review:

She seems really hands on and willing to help if you need it but her course pretty much covers everything you need.

The course includes 9 modules

  • Every module has a video lesson, a text lesson and a workbook lesson.
  • Learn how to price your product for your webinar
  • How to link your product to your webinar
  • Fast Action Strategies and Follow Ups
  • How to fine tune your webinar by gathering data
  • Crafting your email funnel for after your webinar
  • Crafting your Webinar Title
  • Making a foolproof plan for your webinar content
  • How to create great visuals for your webinar
  • How to Promote your Webinar

She also covers tools to use! Everything is covered in this course.

This course is definitely worth $97 which happens to be the same price as GBTK. It seriously blows my mind how much value is in this bundle!

GBTK Full Product Review #15

➡️Profit Lab Masterclass by Meredith Marsh (worth $297)


How to earn $1000 a month with your video content on Youtube

3 Modules:
1: What’s Possible with Online Revenue?
2: How to Implement Revenue Streams
3: Mix & Match Revenue Streams for Maximum Impact

6 AMAZING bonuses:

  • BONUS: Basics of Working with Brands with Jenny Melrose
  • BONUS: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners with Christen Evans
  • BONUS: Email Marketing for Beginners with Jenn Slavich
  • BONUS: Profitable Blogging Road Map with Tracie Fobes
  • BONUS: Create a Converting Media Kit – Jenny Melrose
  • Proposal Template
The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020



GBTK Full Product Review #16

➡️ Trello Tracking Board for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit by Paperless Boss

FULL Trello board of all the courses with each of the product details!


social media

GBTK Full Product Review #17

➡️ Social Media Content Calendar by Cecilie Aslaksen (worth $10.99)


This PDF contains 365 prompts for social media! A prompt a day for a year!

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020


traffic and seo

GBTK Full Product Review #4 Sept. 17th 2020

➡️ SEO Jumpstart: Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers by Eb Gargano (value $197)

This course is perfect for those beginning SEO.

I got two themes from this course:

1. She teaches you how to do SEO without paying for a tool (although she does recommend some her tutorials are done with no paid tools)

2. She seems to be a yoast expert and I’ve never seen such a deep dive on Yoast.

This course has a bunch of free tools inside:

  • Tracker spreadsheet
  • Keyword research spreadsheet
  • Free content calendar
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Google Search Console Tracker

Breakdown of the course:

There are 11 Modules + 3 Bonus Modules

She teaches you what SEO is, has a printable SEO jargon buster to get you familiar with SEO terms & has you track where you are before you start the course.

She covers:

  • Site structure
  • Keyword research
  • How to write blog posts optimized for SEO
  • Site speed
  • Backlinks
  • Maintenance

Now because I am 100% honest with my audience I want to say, that although I think this course is amazing, and teaches you a whole lot about SEO and can help you rank, better understand SEO, and set you up on the right path…I do think it’s missing a few things.

I think this course is perfect for someone who hasn’t taken a deep dive into SEO and needs to know how to do it but at the same time I don’t think it’s the “end all be all” course for SEO.

Why? Because I think that in order to really rank against your competition you need to have access to the right tools to do so and she doesn’t quite teach you how to do that. But again, that doesn’t mean that you cannot rank with this course.

This is still a course I would recommend to put at the top of your list if you buy GBTK and haven’t started optimizing your posts for SEO because it is so important for your blog!

Please feel free to ask questions in the Facebook group about this course and the other reviews I’ve posted!

GBTK Full Product Review #18

➡️ Holiday Spike by Emma Quay (worth $75)


How to plan your holiday content

Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside:

  • 30 holiday product ideas
  • Calendar of most searched holiday content
  • List of 35 Affiliate Programs broken down by niche
  • An entire module on Holiday post ideas
  • Pinterest tips for Holiday content
  • Holiday Marketing Strategy
  • Email Sequence Templates
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Sequence Template
  • 6 Viral Pin Templates for Canva!
The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020



Ok there are FOURTEEN bonuses this year. I’m just going to give you some highlights of what I think you’ll be most excited about:

  • Free Trial from Podia worth $79
  • 15 Styled Stock photos + Editable Social Media Templates from Haute Stock worth $39
  • 60 Day Free trial to Convertkit worth $58
  • 3 months free of the PRO plan from Social Bee (who I use) worth $237
The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020


This year my bonus for GBTK is a course of mine for FREE of your choosing!

So if you’ve been eyeing a course that you’d like of mine now is your chance!

If you order the GBTK through my link make sure to email me at [email protected] with your receipt and I’ll send you a coupon code to grab one of my courses 100% FREE!

Here are a list of my courses:

Trello Essentials: How to Use Trello Like a Pro

Trello Blog Processes BluePrint

How to Plan your Weekly Schedule

Live that 300 Tabs Life | A Workona Course for Tab Addicts

Organized Resources | Mastering your Bookmarks for Blog Productivity

Manual Pinning Organization in Trello

Here’s the order in which I would suggest to take my courses:

You can see more details about my courses here.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2020

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